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I Help Busy Entrepreneurs & Teams 
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I Help Busy Entrepreneurs & Teams Optimize Productivity & Performance without burning out
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About Dave Ruel
Dave Ruel is a former competitive physique athlete turned serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and leadership mentor.

After founding and growing multi-million dollar online companies in the field of health, fitness and sports nutrition for nearly a decade, Dave saw the dark side of entrepreneurship gradually rob him of his freedom, leaving him burned out and unfulfilled. Refusing to conform to a broken business culture that promotes workaholism and non-stop hustle, Dave created a sustainable structure and systems for his life and business to reclaim his freedom without sacrificing the growth of his companies.

Fueled by his passion for entrepreneurship and human performance, he launched Effic, an innovative leadership development company that helps busy entrepreneurs maximize their impact and freedom.

Following his “efficiency first” philosophy to entrepreneurial productivity and performance, Dave developed a powerful methodology that he sums up in the best-selling book Done By Noon - How To Achieve More By Noon Than Other Entrepreneurs In A Full Day.

Effic's systems, frameworks and tools, including the Effic Planner, are now used by thousands of entrepreneurs all around the world. Effic has also built a fast-growing network of Effic Certified Partners who teach the methodology on 3 continents, in countries including Australia, the United Kingdom, Norway, Canada, and the USA. 
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How To Achieve More By Noon Than
Other Entrepreneurs In A Full Day
  •  3 tweaks to do in less than 20 hrs/week what you used to do in 40+ hours.
  • ​​The Only 2 Tasks to focus on daily to double your business while other areas are on complete autopilot.
  • ​How to Prioritize to create the SPACE in your life for what really matters, as well as When and How to recover to ensure you'll perform at work and win at your love & family life.
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/effic/ (adj.) short for efficient. Effic helps entrepreneurs and small businesses become more efficient and effective by employing better, smarter, simpler working methods & systems.
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