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About Dave Ruel
Dave Ruel, founder of Effic, is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several very successful online businesses. He is considered a pioneer in the online health and fitness world selling over 100,000 books published in multiple languages, building an online publishing agency for health pros and scaling a thriving international natural health supplements company.

After going through a very difficult entrepreneurial burnout, Dave was forced to implement systems around him to recover his focus, health and performance. He then applied the same concepts in his business to help his team perform better while keeping them out of burnout and overwhelm. The results were mind-blowing: his team became crystal clear on the vision and what they needed to focus on, their speed of execution more than doubled and team strength & spirit was at a all time high. It was light years away from the fast-paced chaos that was ruling the company in the past. After exiting his last company, Dave moved his focus to business coaching. He quickly realized that his clients were facing the same problems he faced during his burnout. His systems and concepts then became a process named “Effic”, short for Efficiency & Efficacy. Since then, the Effic process has been adopted by hundreds of founders and high performing leaders.

Dave has helped entrepreneurs and businesses all around the world in countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Panama and of course Canada and the USA.

He lives on the east coast of Canada with his wife Karine and his daughters Charlie-Anna and Mikaella. Dave is now an internationally sought out leadership coach and recognized for his burnout prevention and mental health advocacy work in the entrepreneurial world.