Saint-Pierre & Miquelon Islands
August 7-14, 2017
  •  Departure Airport: Halifax, Nova Scotia (YHZ)
  • Activities: Traditional fishing. Breathtaking sceneries. See full itinerary below
  •  Food: Prepared and delivered daily (by boat) by a French Chef
Saint Pierre and Miquelon is a French archipelago south of the Canadian island of Newfoundland. Sparsely populated Miquelon-­Langlade island contains the Grand Barachois lagoon, home to seabirds and seals. The busier Saint Pierre island has a distinct French atmosphere, with a cathedral and the Musée Heritage, which celebrates regional history. 

Our retreat will be in the island nearby named Île-aux-Marins, a former fishing village. We'll be staying in an off-the-grid century old large fishermen home. The same home that served as a hub to whisky smuggling during prohibition.

Saint Pierre and Miquelon, officially the Overseas Collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon is a self-governing territorial overseas collectivity of France, situated in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean near the Newfoundland and Labrador province of Canada. It is the only remnant of the former colonial empire of New France that still remains under French control, with an area of 242 km2 and a population of 6,080. See wikipedia here.
  • Monday: Flight from Halifax (YHZ) to St-Pierre (FSP). Short boat ride to l'île-aux-marins' house. 
  • Tuesday: Activities on the island. Recovery Day (possible technology withdrawal) 
  • Wednesday: Set up of the lobster traps and cod fishing. You'll be taught traditional fishing techniques.
  • Thursday: Hike to l'Anse-à-Henri on St-Pierre island and picnic in front of the Colombier, one of the largest sea birds nesting site in North America.
  • Friday: Day Trip on Langlade island and Goulet laguna with unique lunch with your freshly caught lobsters and mussels. You'll see the 2000 seals of the laguna and will more than likely meet whales, dolphins ans orcas on the way there.
  •  Saturday: Discovery of St-Pierre island and its incredible story.
  •  Sunday: OPEN
  •  Monday: Flight back to Halifax
An overview of St-Pierre & Miquelon's Wildlife