To Reconnect, You Must Disconnect First. Join A Small Group Of High Level Entrepreneurs In A Remote Place Of The World For A Week. 
No Phone. No Internet. Just Unlimited Connection.
What Are Business Detox Retreats™?
What I'm going to share with you is definitely NOT right for everyone. In fact, I'd guess it's probably not a good fit for 95% of entrepreneurs and business owners out there.

But if you're the kind of entrepreneur I think you might be -- you're going to be more excited than you've been in long time when you hear about this...

Here's a chance for you to combine a truly unique, one-of-a-kind experience, high-level networking & powerful connections that only occur outside the 'normal' business settings. It's also a chance to embrace a complete break from modern technology and reminders of our crazy business lives.

Our goal with the Business Detox Retreats™ is to create the kind of experience that will get you out of your comfort zone, in a place you've never been before, to completely unplug and disconnect from your business and technology. You'll give up your smartphone and gadgets for a week in exchange for an off-the-grid experience of out of ordinary activities, growth, reflection, mindfulness, creativity, community and disconnection.
Business Detox Retreats™ Are NOT Open To Everyone
Participation to a BDR is by application-only or by-referral only from other members. You cannot just swipe your card. For this kind of experience and for each member to get maximum benefit you will need to meet these 5 important initial qualifications:

Qualification #1 -- You must be a successful business owner, entrepreneur, executives or high-achiever. This membership is strictly for top-gunners with minimum NET income of $250k per year.
Qualification #2 -- You are willing to share your business successes openly and candidly with other members.
Qualification #3 -- You cannot have a huge ego! This is a pretty simple qualification and you know if this is you. You cannot simply stroke a check to get in.
Qualification #4 -- You must be open to step out of your comfort zone and do things you've never done before. Due to the remote and unique places we selected for the Business Detox Retreats™, you will not have access to all the luxuries you are used to. Most locations are totally off the grid. This means that you probably won't have access to 5-start hotel amenities. However, you'll experience real local living and culture.

Qualification #5 -- You are ready to give up all electronics and access to technology for a full week.

Why You Should Go On A Business Detox Retreat
Dave Ruel is a serial Internet entrepreneur. He is recognized as one of the leading experts on entrepreneurial efficiency even though he still considers himself "naturally lazy". 

As a self-described "citizen of the world", Dave has found that his own life-changing experiences happened in remote and unique places, when disconnected from the daily entrepreneurial hustle.  New environments led to breakthroughs in ideas, focus and business thinking. Dave is also a firm believer in the power of Masterminds and being surrounded by high consciousness people. That's why he combined both his passions to found Business Detox Retreats™, creating the kind of environment he'd want to be part of.

Business Detox Retreats™ creates unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences exclusively for entrepreneurs. It's for the small group of top-gun achievers who want to live life to the fullest, produce business breakthroughs and have a real impact in this now (dis)connected world.
It's In New Environments That We Get New Ideas We'd Never Have In Our Regular Business Settings 
Out Of The Ordinary "Once In A Lifetime" Experiences To Help 
You Get Your Next Big Business Breakthought
Next Upcoming Business Detox Retreats™:
DATES: AUGUST 7-14, 2017
Geographical location: 
Eastern Canada
Airport Departure: Halifax, NS (YHZ)